NEW Live Training: EmoCore – Universal Emotional Appeals

Create DESIRE For Your Solution To Your Prospect’s Pressing Problems

You wanna sell stuff. More stuff. To more people. More often.

But it’s hard!

Maybe you’ve hit the wall and plateaued at the level of your knowledge and skill. You know you could grab more curious prospects and turn them into diehard fans and satisfied customers, but you are at a loss on how to CONNECT.

And of course there are lots of very slick folks with very expensive services who will create 100 point psychographical emotional customer avatar maps meant to identify who you are supposed to be selling to…

There are lots of very attractive, fit folks who will coach you into using their cookie cutter high-pressure sales script on the phone, which they learned from their coach, who learned it from their coach…

But you don’t want to go that route – it wouldn’t REALLY be “you” and it wouldn’t feel right, and even if it works for some, you know it doesn’t work for you.

So what can we do instead?


What if I told you that once upon a time, I took a bunch of that very expensive research my clients paid someone else for, and studied it, compiled it, and grouped it…

What if I told you that I found that EVERY EMOTION a prospect can feel about a pressing problem they have can be boiled down to just a handful of categories?

What if I told you these categories are UNIVERSAL. Every person experiences these feelings around the problems they have, and when you show them that you KNOW that, they feel an INSTANT rapport with you.

You MUST have walked miles in their shoes. You MUST know the path past this problem of theirs, because you UNDERSTAND it, but clearly you do not suffer from it.

Can you see how this creates CURIOSITY? Which can lead to DESIRE – for whatever solution it is that obviously set you (or your previous customers) free from what vexed them?


WHO: Me and you, baby.

WHAT: Live training called EMO CORE – Universal Emotional Hooks You Can Use to Sell Anything to Anyone

WHEN: Aug 17, 2022 2:00 PM EDT

WHERE: Register here:

It says it’s $100, but Daily Devotional subscribers and FB group members get a special checkout code for a discount.

Only for Cultists. Because I love you and want you to prosper. 🤗

WHY: Because you want to know exactly what buttons to press to engage prospects to turn them into customers and I will tell you how to master that skill with a very compact system that is so simple you can MEMORIZE it.

P.S. Vault members get access to this as part of their membership, so no need to buy twice if you subscribe.

Thanks for reading!

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