NEW FOR 2024 – Now Accepting New Mentoring Students

Get Positioned to TRANSFORM Your Business in a Big Way, and Glide Into Your Future With Powerful Awesomeness On Tap!…

It’s Time Once Again For Accepting New Six-Month and One-Year Mentoring Students

The number one thing people want to know: It’s 6k for a year. (Payment programs available. Six-month program possible for qualified mentees.)

Who I want: people sick of working hard, who want to simplify, minimize, go solo, build an audience, and monetize what’s in your head, not purely your service.

I want to make little baby gurus. Lazy ones. Like me. I know how to do it. I can help you do it.

Not for newbies. But you don’t have to be a super successful super business bro or sis already.

Why me? I make like $250k plus a year and I hardly even try.


Lol, no.

Look, I could make more. But I’m lazy. Imagine making six figures while taking most of the year off, making zero new products, charging people to talk on the phone and to read.

People buy stuff I made years ago. I repost content I made years ago. This post is mostly identical to the one I made last year around this time (excluding this sentence).

Today, I mostly fuck around and rant about politics and play old Nintendo games. I read a lot of trashy old sci-fi books. Play with legos.

I promise, no one works less than me. If you want to learn to do it all the easiest, fastest, simplest way possible, I’m your huckleberry.

I’ll tell you…

It’s pretty boss. It’s almost annoying to make this much money for so little effort. It’s boring sometimes. I want that for you. You want that. It’s fuckin great.

Here’s what you get.

Lifetime vault access. In case you need help with writing copy or making products or any of the stuff you will need to do. All the training is yours. That’s a $2600 value.

Two hours of phone time with me each month. Divide it how you want. Doesn’t roll over, though. Use it or lose it. First month is all about creating your personalized master plan. Subsequent months are about hitting the goals we establish. That’s a $7200 value.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am not a “coach”. If you don’t do your shit, I don’t fuss you. That’s on you. I’m not going to crack the whip on myself, I sure won’t on you. But when you call me, when you ask for help, I’m there. I’m your advisor. Your mentor. If you want to do what I do and know what I know, I’m the only guy…

Also you get one copy review per month. No rollovers here either. But if you follow the plan we create together, you should have something for me to look at once a month anyway. Content, product, sales material, email sequences, whatever. That’s also a $9000 value.

So that’s like $15,200 of my personal time, and $2600 worth of product. For less than half of that. One year of working together. Me and you. Us. Making you fuckin great. I mean, you’re probs already great.

We just make everyone else know and pay you for that greatness. Let’s do it.


Message me. We’ll talk. Make sure you’re a good fit. Make sure you’ve got the hunger. The desire. The money to pay me. Etc.

I’m ready. Hit me up.

Email me back via any of the daily emails I send, or message me via FB messenger:

Let’s make this next year into the start of a strange new world of possibility, huh? Tick tock and all that…

P.S. Remember, payment programs are available. 6 month programs also available on request. Message me for details. Thanks!

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