Here It Is – Official Cult of Copy Writer List

If you are looking to hire a writer, I have created an “Official” curated list of working writers that is updated monthly and distributed free here for all people who need to hire copywriters.

You can grab the CURRENT ISSUE of the Official Cult Writer List right here:

The list is updated and published on the 15th of every month.


If you are a copywriter and want to be listed in the next monthly issue of the guide, please read below:

First, choose the kind of listing you would like:

For the $10 basic listing which includes Name, email, Specialties, and Niche Specializations use this link:

For the $20 deluxe listing which includes Name, Description, email, phone, Specialties, Niche Specializations, URL for samples, and Testimonial, use this link:

Once you have paid for your subscription above, please simply do the following:

Send an email to

Use the subject: “My Listing Basic” or “My Listing Deluxe” depending

Emails to the above address with any other subjects or content other than the below will be ignored – if you need to contact me, do it directly via Facebook.

For purposes of verifying your subscriber status, your email MUST include:

Facebook Name (in case I need to contact you here)
PayPal Name (So I can match your listing to your subscription payment)

Then finally, your email should include the below information that will be listed in the guide document. Basic listings only include items with an asterisk. Deluxe listings include all items:

* Name
– Description (100 words or less)
* Email (Limit 1)
– Phone (Limit 1)
* Specialties (sales letters, email sequences, etc. Limit 5 + “More”)
* Niche Specialization (B2B, Health, finance, etc. Limit 5 + “More”)
– URL for samples (Limit 1)
– Testimonial (Limit 1)


Half-page and Full-page ad spots are available by special request – just message me on facebook or use the email above to ask for details.

Other than listings of all writers who have paid to be listed that month, the guide also includes an index of specialties and niche specialties at the back to make it easy for job posters to find you to contact you.

That's it! Hope this proves useful and valuable to you all. THANKS!

P.S. Yes, the above may seem like a very old-school way of going about doing things. It's because following instructions is an important filter when hiring a copywriter. It's sort of a test of how serious you are. 🙂

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