[Create Conflict and Antagonists in Your Marketing WITH EASE]

“The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend” – Sun Tzu (I think).

The fastest way to build rapport with a prospect is to show them that you share a common enemy. Something about your shared business that you both HATE.

So you both want to avoid it, or maybe even rebel against it and destroy it. To conquer it and escape that bad, negative, normally necessary thing.

Of course, if you sell solutions that do exactly that – they’ll leap on the back of your motor-horse and ride off into the sunset after slaying the dragons that vex them.

Mixed metaphors aside, a lot of copywriting teachers have a bad habit of making things more complicated than they need to be. Like, you might think you need to be a creative, literary, superior writer to weave compelling sales stories.

I think some of them teach it that way, because they like to think of themselves that way.

Me? I’m a hack. I crank it out. I want it done fast, and I want it to work.

So I use shortcuts. Templates. Lists. Pick an option, fill it in, let it rip, move on to the next thing.

So this training is my checklist of go-to conflicts, based on what works over and over again in novels, movies, TV, comic books, etc.

The BIG BADS that you can insert into any story to create an instant conflict. Modify the specific details and it comes to life in a way that EVERYONE can relate to – because these are universal villains.

Add these to your toolkit, and you will always know exactly how to ratchet up the psychological tension that makes readers BUY. And not only know how, but have a handful of ways to do it, no matter what you’re trying to sell.


WHO – Me and you, baby.

WHAT – Deep psychology training on using CONFLICT and ANTAGONISTS in your copy, to create tension that drives the buying decision. We cover how and why it works, when to use it in your messaging, and a whole murderer’s row of usable “villains” to choose from to suit your situation.

WHEN – Friday, August 5, 2022 2:00 PM EDT

WHERE – ttps://

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