People be stealing, “hacking,” and outright plagiarizing offers left and right. For one, it’s illegal, and for two, it doesn’t work as well as you might hope.

Dressing like a Superman won’t make you fly, and copying a working offer directly doesn’t capture the real power inside it that makes it work.

So I will be teaching you:

1. How to READ the ad like a prospect would, and figure out the mental shifts being used.

2. How to IDENTIFY the functional “moving parts” in any ad so you can see how it works.

3. How to ELIMINATE the padding and fluff that aren’t important to what you want to replicate.

4. How to EXTRACT the magic persuasive and influential components so that you can replicate them.

5. How to REBUILD these profitable components in your own words, based on your own stories and scenarios.

6. How to ASSEMBLE a completely new ad that has the same functionality, persuasive shifts, and selling power as the old one.

7. How to MULTIPLY the power of every single ad in every swipe file ever assembled, because now you can actually USE them the RIGHT WAY and never get in trouble (or get your clients in trouble).

WHEN: This Friday, October 7th at 2pm Eastern.

WHERE: Register here – Register for the training here:

But subscribers to the daily email get a code to get it for $27 instead of $50.

WHY: Because re-inventing the wheel is hard, and straight copying is stealing and illegal, and often ineffective. Let me teach you the RIGHT WAY.


P.S. Vault members will get access to the recordings, so no need to buy twice. If you’re interested in the Vault, which contains every other Cult of Copy training ever made, go here:

Thanks, and hope to see you there!

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