To Be InterestING, BE interestED. Enthusiasm is Contagious.

Morris West

“I've always worked on the principle that if it interests me enough to write about it, then it must interest a lot of other people.” – Morris West, Born Apr. 26, 1916.

First, cultivate the ability to muster a genuine interest in absolutely any topic.

Next, figure out the topics your target audience cares about.

Then practice writing about what YOU find intriguing and compelling about those topics.

Most people won't mull over a thing long enough to find the secret fascinations and points of interest that are hidden from the casual observer.

That's your job. You're an explorer. You're a miner. You're a diviner. Uncovering the treasure they didn't see right in front of their face.

Listen, you don't have to dig deep or find sublime profundity. Just look a little closer until you find something “neato” to point out.

Do it enthusiastically, so as to effectively portray your genuine interest.

Enthusiasm has his wonderful side effect of being contagious. Your readers will catch it from you. And a clever observation might even go – dare I say it – viral (barf).

All it takes is finding an angle that is interesting enough to be worth repeating. And that is pretty easy, believe it or not.

See, people are bored. Bored people are boring. Their friends are boring, too. Their whole family. Bored and boring.

Items of interest are a rare treat. So if you can be their “secret” supplier of fresh angles and interesting insights, they will want to repeat them and share them.

They get to borrow your interestingness, and get a tribal benefit from it.

How does this ever become profitable? Well, when you have a big audience of bored people, just waiting for you to tell them what is interesting and worth consuming and enjoying…

That's a good position to be in. If you can't figure out how to profit from an audience of raving fans that rely on your every word every day, then you're not a marketer at all…

1 thought on “To Be InterestING, BE interestED. Enthusiasm is Contagious.”

  1. Your work is underrated!
    I've been a silent reader of your work in this website since March.
    Every time I read your work, I can almost hear you.
    I appreciate your no-nonsense bottom-line copywriting mastery.
    It spurs me on to purse my passion for wordplay and storytelling through powerful copy
    (I'm an ex copywriter & TVC trailer producer).
    Thank you for all the valuable content you've been generously putting out there
    even when it doesn't feel it's appreciated sometimes.

    x Valerie Grace

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