Capture Attention, Embed Memories, Make Money. How? Curiosity!

Richard Whately

“Curiosity is as much the parent of attention, as attention is of memory.” – Richard Whately, Born Feb. 1, 1787.

This is the formula.

You want people to remember you after they consume your messaging. Unless they stick around to consume more, or buy something to take home, you want to linger in their consciousness.

Because if they remember you, they will tend to come back again when they want more of what you got.

So the key to getting remembered is to eat up as much attention as you can get them to give you. As often as possible. As much in one sitting as possible.

How do you capture that much of a single person's attention? Content and modalities. Publish your messages on as many platforms and in as many formats as you can.

If you dig, you can find Cult of Copy podcasts, and videos, and live streams, and posts, and blogs, and PDF newsletters, and courses, etc.

That is on purpose.

Because I know the more attention I can get out of you, the more you'll give. Because you remember me. You remember my work. You want more of it because you think of it often.

You remember best what you pay attention to most.

Now we come to the missing part of the formula. How do you grab that attention in the first place?

You don't have to be a genius.

You don't have to be gorgeous.

You don't have to write like Shakespeare or sing like Adele.

You just have to do this one little thing.


I just did it. Did you get it? Read this post again if you didn't.

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