Why Being a Good Writer is a Dangerous Power

Jean-Paul Sartre

“Words are loaded pistols.” – Jean-Paul Sartre, Born Jun. 21, 1905.

I like this quote a lot as it relates to persuasive writing.

Much better than that Shakespeare bullshit about the pen being mightier than the sword. That just makes people cocky and ineffective.

Good persuasive writing paints the untenable scenario for the reader. Wronged. Maligned. Plotted against. Oppressed.

It arouses the emotions. Anger. Guilt. Shame. Dissatisfaction. Indignation.

It lays out a path. Vengeance. Vindication. Retribution. Bloody satisfaction. Redemption, even.

And it gives the reader the tools they need to get theirs…

The gun is loaded. The round is chambered. The hammer is cocked. And the names of their enemies and obstacles are etched on the slugs so that they may find their mark.

In nomine patris, et filii, et spiritus sancti.

All they have to do to conquer their oppressors and villains and set themselves free is to pull the trigger.

Aim. Inhale. Squeeze. Exhale.

The words can't do it for them.

But they are there to help them get what is theirs for the claiming. Bang bang. Cha-ching cha-ching.


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