Content Hack: Go Screw Something Up Really Bad. (Then Fix It.)

Georges Carpentier

“Life is very interesting if you make mistakes.” – Georges Carpentier, Born Jan. 12, 1894.

The secret to success is building an audience.

The secret to building an audience is to be interesting.

The secret to being interesting is having something valuable to talk about.

This last one intimidates many, who mistakenly think that only tales of success are interesting and valuable to others.

This is actually completely wrong – mistakes that one has learned from are much more interesting to the people you would share them with.

The fact is that success and happiness are alien to most, and hard to relate to. But everyone understands what it feels like to misstep, stumble and fall.

And we fear making mistakes in life, so we therefore value people who can help us avoid or overcome making such mistakes with real proven experience.

All that is needed is persistence to continue past a failure to try something else until you make it work.

Think of it as familiarizing yourself with the problems your future customers will face. That your current customers are facing now.

So don't be afraid to try, and to fail, because failure makes the best content. Especially once you figure out and share how to conquer that obstacle.

As you share what you learn, you gain a following. You can use that content to grow your own loyal fan base who like the way you seem to be failing upward before their eyes as that fanbase grows in number.

By the time you actually know what you're doing, and can confidently sell that knowledge and expertise, an audience of eager prospects is already there waiting to buy it.

All because you were brave enough to fall flat on your fucking face a few times. They always cheer for you when you get up before getting counted out, though. Always.

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