Counterintuitively, The Ultimate Positioning is Being Unobtainable

Francisco Goya

“I have now established myself in a most enviable manner. Those who require something of me must seek me out – I remain apart. I work for no one unless he is a high-ranking personality or a friend.” – Francisco Goya, Born Mar. 30, 1746.

Once you are already well known for what you do, being unobtainable can only increase your perceived value.

Not completely unobtainable, of course. We are still in business, after all. However, if you are unhirable or simply too costly to obtain, then eager customers will gladly “settle” by paying a premium for something that requires less of you.

Specifically, you can have a very high consulting fee. Or an expensive group coaching program. Or even just a premium price for one-off phone consults that is well above what you charge for products or service.

That “anchoring” means that everything else you offer that costs less seems like a deal. Even if those items are more expensive than the similar things competitors may offer. It seems like yours is better, because not only does it cost more (premium version) but that price is justified by your unobtainablity.

And that doesn't mean no one will ever pay the high price for your high ticket anchoring play. Some will. And they will usually be your best customers/clients. And your time won't be dominated by lower level clients and customers because you've made yourself largely unobtainable to them.

This leaves you the ability to preserve your highest levels of service for those projects that will have a multiplying effect for you. Either in earning favors from friends, or in elevating your profile in the minds of people who may not know you yet.

But remember, this is a late-stage play. You cannot start out unobtainable. You must first create demand by being generous in supply of your services. Only withdraw once people begin lining up for your help.

And if they aren't doing that yet, you have work to do…

First – just make it known that you offer consulting for double what you charge for anything else, and to contact you for details.

THEN do everything else.

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