Decide what to do, and do it now. End indecision and procrastination IMMEDIATELY.

George Canning

“Indecision and delays are the parents of failure.” – George Canning, Born Apr. 11, 1770.

Do you have these problems?



Thinking too much?


Inability to just get started on your grand plans and possibilities?

It all boils down to what old George is saying. Indecision, and delay. If you can't decide WHAT to do, it can be impossible to EVER start.

Let's fix that, OK? It's easy.

1. How to stop unnecessarily delaying things: just do it now.

That's it.

Inconvenience yourself if you need to. Give that thing you've procrastinated on a whole day's free time. No TV or internet or reading or jerking off or working out or whatever.

Make it happen.

2. How to stop being indecisive: go all Two-face and flip a coin if you need to.

Whittle it down to as small a list of equal options as you can, then pick one at random. And if it doesn't work out, it's way easier to adjust something than it is to adjust nothing.

That's not to say that if you become better at taking decisive action you will actually become successful automatically.

It's more that indecision and procrastination will NEVER result in success. It's just not possible.

So those traits are not for us, we mutants.

We decide quickly, and we act on it now.

Stagnation and indecisiveness are a “consumer” modes of being. You don't think or behave that way anymore. You're a producer. A doer.

For you, delay and indecision become triggers you can use to sell OTHER people all manner of aids in their quest to not ever have to do anything but be comfortable and entertained.

So get to it. It's us vs. them out there.

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