Don’t Cater to the Casuals – Feed the Fiends Instead

Peter Hook

“I'd rather have ten people who are mad for it than ten thousand who aren't.” – Peter Hook, Born Feb. 13, 1956.

Who wants a lukewarm audience? Who wants readers with only a tepid interest in your topic? Who wants fair weather followers who can take you or leave you?

Not this here coonass.

I want people to either love me or hate me.

If you hate me, I want it to be because I am TOO MUCH for them to handle.

I want the attention of the people who are addicted to this topic I care about, and can’t get enough.

I want the appreciation of the people who are as passionate about the ideas behind what we do as I am.

Addiction means you can’t walk away. Passion means you keep chasing more.

Addiction and Passion.

Inside that overlapping Venn diagram, I find my true fans. They are passionate about persuasion. They are addicted to consuming information on that topic.

…And they think I am cool.

Or hey, maybe they think I am full of shit and they disagree with every word I write. I'm okay with that, so long as they show up every day to read me.

Every day. That’s all I want. Just daily devotion.

I can turn anyone paying close attention into a fan. Fans want to go deeper.

And the TRUE fans that DO love my steez will buy everything I make.

Therefore, I want as many true fans as I can get.

I’ll take the casuals too, because I know how to get them hooked. I can make casuals into hardcore fiends.

That’s who I want. Eventual repeat customers.

BUT, I ALSO want to drive away the people who aren't a tight fit with my philosophy and outlook. And do so publicly and loudly.

Because that only draws the tight matches closer.

It’s not FOR THEM, it’s for US ONLY.

Am I succeeding? Is it coming across?

I feel like I do OK at it, and I strive to share what I know with you all here. If you find these posts useful, reach out and let me know. If there is something I can help with that I'm not telling you, ask.

I'm into it. And I'm glad you're here.

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