Don’t Cut Away at What You Are – Slice Away What You Are NOT to Create a More Powerful Persona

Charles M. Schwab

“A man who trims himself to suit everybody will soon whittle himself away.” -Charles M. Schwab, Born Feb. 18, 1862.

An offer that is for everyone excites no one. Product, service, or persona – it's all the same. If you try to please everyone, you can only please each of them a little, and therefore, you'll also disappoint them all a little, too.

Instead, be something pure.

Be FOR something, and someone SPECIFIC. And if you do that with the proper amount of vigor, you will automatically be something that someone else just HATES.

But that is something you have to take if you want to be someone's favorite. That's just how tastes across humanity vary. No sense getting upset.

What I recommend to accomplish this is to be yourself. It exudes from you and coats your offers, too – like glaze on a warm donut.

And it lets you engage your audience as a whole person. It lets you be honest. It lets you be trustworthy. It lets you seem like a real person they want to get to know.

And by this very simple action, you appear as something much more substantial than your competition for their attention. Because you seem complete, while everyone else who tries to please everyone feels hollow.

They are whittled down to a mildly interesting sliver. People like that aren't followed. The best they can hope for is to be tolerated until replaced. They have no spirit. They have nothing to move the emotions of a prospective fan. No essence. No spark.

Don't do that. Don't be that.

Be the opposite of that and you can gather fans (who buy stuff) no matter what you want to talk about.


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