Make Them Get Their Hands Dirty if You Want to Sell Them More Dirt

Bob Ross

“Within one hour of touching the brush to canvas for the first time, my students have a total, complete painting.” – Bob Ross, Born Oct. 29, 1942.

This was Ross's pitch. He empowered people who were intimidated to create art, and gave them the tools and shortcuts to get over that fear.

Were the students' first paintings any good? Probably not, but they came out better than the artist thought it would. It was easier and faster than they would have believed, too.

But the point about the rapid induction that Bob did was that it knocked the big, imposing, intimidating challenge down to a commitment that they were comfortable with. It made it bite-sized. And when you finish, you have a thing that you made. You did it. Good job, champ. I knew you could.

Anyways, that's the lesson.

How can you make your own trainings and products follow Bob's lead? How can you lower the bar of commitment and make it simple for someone to just follow the instructions and FIND OUT if further pursuit is for them?

How can you con them into getting their hands only mildly dirty, while delivering a result that they will be more than pleased with? A result that leaves them encouraged and feeling smart and talented and skilled…

Because if you can give them that little brain-flexing “pump” of learning a new skill, you've provided them that addicting little endorphin rush from building a bigger brain.

They'll come back for more. Again and again.

That's why Bob was on the air continuously for damn near forever. And his name and face still sell a shitload of art supplies and lessons, long after he's been gone.

So what valuable result can you show absolutely anyone how to get in an hour or less?

That's your next product.

2 thoughts on “Make Them Get Their Hands Dirty if You Want to Sell Them More Dirt”

  1. Baby steps create a foundation for all endeavors. Colin you present a great example as the art of painting scares the pants off of people for a variety of reasons. Offering a baby first eases the student into that magical world of self expression. Thank you for this simple yet powerful lesson!

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