Sell Your Soul (Or At Least Sell *With* Soul)…

Ivanka Trump

“BLT Prime at Trump National Doral is essential after a long day on the golf course. The popover bread alone is enough to keep me coming back!” – Ivanka Trump, Born Oct. 30, 1981.

How to make money: sell your shit.

Sell it.

No, shut up.

Sell it.

Don't have something to sell? Find or make something awesome. Then:

Sell it.

How do you sell it? Find people who would like it and tell them they should buy it.

Sell it. Hard.

Tell them how great it is. How effective. How awesome.

It IS awesome, right?

Well then quit being a wuss and fuckin sell it.

Sell it.

Sell that shit.

Otherwise, you'll never make any money and you'll die sucky.

Don't be sucky. Make some money. Help people get awesome shit.

They don't know it's awesome, but they will love it. You owe it to them to convince them to buy. They deserve it. It's your duty.

Sell it.

God damn you, shut up and sell it.

Sell the motherfucker.

Sell it like Ivanka sells a BLT.

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