Study Without Execution Is invisible And Intangible And Does Nothing For Anyone

B. C. Forbes

“Books are like a mirror. If an ass looks in, you can't expect an angel to look out.” – B. C. Forbes, Born May 14, 1880.

Sure, studying is good.

But that book or video or course that is the hot new thing to buy? That's not gonna change you. You're not going to magically transform from bullshit into bon bons.

You have to do the work. Some work. Any work – any work toward your goal is acceptable.

THEN you're worth a damn. THEN you can study and research and buy courses and books and info-product extravaganzas. Because you're working ON something.

When you're working ON something, your study has focus. Your research has a purpose. You're solving problems you have so you can move forward.

Otherwise, you're studying up on situations that may never arise. Simply as an excuse to allow yourself never take the risk of getting started. Out of the fear you might fail.

Can I be crude?

Fucking bullshit.

Skip all that fuckery. Don't let learning be a cop-out. If you're not doing, the learning is pointless. Do first. Then learn.

All you need to learn is how to solve the problem in front of you. You won’t know what that is until you start working and hit a wall.

When you’re working, you’re not just doing a thing, you’re BECOMING a different kind of person. Not just a consumer, but a producer. An action taker.

Learning doesn’t so anything for the passive. It just becomes a useless pile of stagnating information that sits there, of no value to anyone.

But not you. YOU become something that the learning can actually help improve – give it something worthy to reflect off of, like Forbes' mirror.

Light reflecting off a diamond is prettier than the light reflecting off a turd…

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