People Want to Be “Discovered” So Promise To Make Your Prospect Into A Star

Jerome Charyn

“We're the country of movie stars because the stars, like ourselves, represent a kind of extended infantilism, beauties waiting for the big chance.” – Jerome Charyn, Born May 13, 1937.

This is real similar to how Steinbeck said no one considers themselves poor. We all fancy ourselves as temporarily dispossessed millionaires.

But this is a true key to controlling the behavior of others. Most people believe they are capable and deserving of more than they presently have.

They long for someone to acknowledge it.

They hope for someone to “discover” them, and take them on and make something of them.

Awaiting that magical fairy godparent gives them an excuse not to act out of their own personal responsibility for their own results.

So they wait and wait.

But if you can position yourself as the agent/scout who spots the hidden potential they believe they possess…

If you can convince them that they can tap it and become who they were truly meant to be…

…with your help of course…

Then you can pretty much lead them around by the nose and get them to spend lots of money to chase that particular rabbit down a hole.

And look. We aren't just talking about exploiting naivety here. You may well be able to help people get a desired result. I would expect that you could, and not just be selling hollow pipe-dreams.

What I am discussing is how to position yourself as a person who can awaken that desire and coax them to act on it. Because being able to deliver, and CONVINCING people that you can are different skills.

And note: this also does not have to be in any particular context to work. People long to be a “star” in many arenas, from their hobbies, to their work, for fitness, crafts, art, knowledge, looks, attractiveness, etc.

Be the discoverer of their hidden little candle of wonderful-ness. Tell them you see it when no one else does. Tell them you can help them bring it out and express it for the world to see.

Make them a star. Or, promise to, anyway.

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