The Only Opinions About Your Copy That Matter Are…

Margaret Keane

“I finally got to the point where I decided I don't care if it's good art or bad art – it's what I do. I enjoy doing it, and people like it.” – Margaret Keane, Born Sept. 15, 1927.

There is a fear when people start a freelance career, especially in a field like copywriting.

This fear is focused on the judgement of the “establishment” that exists around the “industry” insofar as there even IS an industry.

There is a fandom within the field of copywriting. A whole lot of people who believe they know just how things should be, because they read it in a book, which was written by someone who was told what was correct, based on some wisdom handed down from the gurus of old.

Bullshit, I say.

Look, fandom is fine. Having veneration for the hagiographies of the old, dead saints of the so-called A-list is just great if that’s your bag.

But it shouldn’t be the basis of your assessment of your own work. They aren’t the measurers or judges of the QUALITY of what you do. They may have an OPINION, but as far as opinions go, it’s small taters, precious.

Here is who matters:

1. The prospect.

2. The client.

3. You.

That’s it. The copy fans don’t matter. The copy gurus don’t matter. The opinions of any person but those three I numbered above are irrelevant.

Does you copy convert? Did it make more money for the client than you charged them to create it? A yes to both is all you need for a career where you can make as much money as you want.

The path to that result DOES NOT REQUIRE that you read certain books, copy certain letters, know certain gurus, hire certain coaches, etc.

There are not gatekeepers. No dues to pay. No ropes to learn. No stripes to earn. There is you, the work, the client, and their customers.

End of. They like it, then you like it. Someone else doesn’t like it? Congrats. Only the successful have haters like that.

4 thoughts on “The Only Opinions About Your Copy That Matter Are…”

  1. Damn man. You’re so good at what you do. You do it your way, with a unique voice and an intriguing writing style that grabs my attention each time I see your daily devotional in my inbox. In fact, your emails fall under the must-open category, despite my busy schedule.

    I would have said more, but let me spare the rest for your next email that’ll pop up in my inbox.

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