People Don’t Want Options – They Want You To Decide For Them

Napoleon Bonaparte

“Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide.” – Napoleon Bonaparte, Born Aug. 15, 1769.⁣

Isn't this what influencers, persuaders, gurus, etc. actually do? ⁣

We give people the precious gift of an easy decision.⁣

Without our help, there are too many confusing options that keep people stagnating in their indecision.⁣

They waffle.
They delay.
They make excuses for maintaining the certainty of the status quo.
They fear the risk inherent in the UNcertainty that comes from making any kind of change.⁣

Napoléon also said that the only levers that unite and move mankind are fear and self-interest.⁣

So using FEAR – of loss, of misery, of worsening pain, of declining fortunes, of attack, of rejection…⁣

And using SELF-INTEREST – of enrichment, of reward, of power, of conquest, of respect, of relief…⁣

We can eliminate ALL but the BEST options we've carefully selected for them.

We show how lesser options cost more in time and effort.

They risk more when considered in the fullness of time.

We make their current situation untenable to remain in.⁣

And so the decision becomes easy. ⁣

And they made it themselves. They feel we barely helped at all. All we did was help them see what is now the obvious path. And that is precious to them.⁣

It makes them feel great.⁣

And that's what keeps them coming back again and again, for us to tell them what their decision should be. Trusted advisor.⁣

And it's a great role to play out for the people whose spending determines our income.⁣

Do you make your audience's decisions easier? Or are you making the mistake of presenting too many options, and granting them too much agency?

Take it way. Make the decision for them, by presenting it as the obvious choice, relative to the other options.⁣

Or would you rather not have that kind of control?

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  1. Clear copy narrows a host of problems and solutions into one decision that you decided ahead of time. Love these lagniappes in the email section.

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