Most Writing Is Lame Because The Writer Forgot To Make It Cool

Steven Brust

“All literature consists of whatever the writer thinks is cool. The reader will like the book to the degree that he agrees with the writer about what's cool.” – Steven Brust, Born Nov. 23, 1955.

This quote is either more authentic or more stupid, depending on whether you think that stupid hat Steven Brust wears all the time is cool or not.

But regardless, caring about the coolness of what you are writing about is surprisingly missing from lots of writing advice. And therefore most writing is not cool.

What is cool about your topic/product/service/whatever?

Why is it something their people will think is cool?

How do you know what “cool” is, so you can find it when you look?

What makes you curious?

What makes you look twice?

What attracts you and keeps you looking – maybe even drawing you in to look closer?

Not just visually, but the story of the subject. History, settings, characters, plot twists.

Make a ride out of it.

Genuine enthusiasm is infectious. Geeking out deeply over something you're passionate about is sexy. At least if you endeavor to write it that way, it is.

It's alluring. It's attractive. People want to be cool and do cool things with cool people.

Tell me what is cool about it. If you can make it cool, you can make people care. If you DON'T KNOW why something is cool, there are two possibilities.

1. The thing isn't cool and you should find something cool to write about instead. Or…

2. More likely, you aren't cool enough to see what is innately cool about your topic. Spend some time figuring it out and stop being so lame.

(Just kidding, I love you!)

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