A Daily ____ Is The Bait That Brings Them Back Tomorrow

Judy Gold

“Comedy is the most palliative way to make a point. People are more willing to listen if they can laugh.” – Judy Gold, Born Nov. 15, 1962.

This is one most people will dismiss, but they shouldn't.

Think of that kind of marketer/guru/whatever that people think is trashy or phony or arrogant, who is still wildly successful.

Ever wonder how they manage that despite coming across to you as a big faker?

This is why.

Because some people find that shit funny, and making people laugh is an incredibly powerful skill.

That's it. What triggers a response of mocking superiority in some, just equals plain old jollies to others. If people are laughing, success can occur.

Especially if you deliver a laugh consistently. Even if it's a chuckle a day. Regardless of whatever else it is you're doing. Spoonful of sugar and all that.

Even if the content isn’t excellent, the chemical endorphin rush from a minor bit of humor delivered RELIABLY can create an almost unconscious habit. Can’t think of where to “surf” – let’s see if this place will make smile/giggle/lol again today.

Of all the emotional addictions that you can possibly cultivate with writing, humor is the fastest and easiest to get across in the shortest amount of space.

An additional “cult” twist to this one.

When you’re communicating via writing via a channel that feels private, like email (as opposed to a public facing post) you can go farther.

Getting a person to laugh at a joke that is not fully socially acceptable is a very rapid rapport builder. Mockery, derision – “mean” humor. Off color, even…

It puts you on the inside of the barrier that people erect between their private self and their public self.

Which is a powerful place to be.

Because now you share a secret. You're on one team that finds humor in something others won't. Fast friendship.

But as always, use with caution. Know your audience.

But once you know them, make them laugh, and they are yours.

That part is universal.

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