Caring About Customers, And Showing It In Writing, Are Two Different Things

Ned Tanen

“If you really don't care what an audience thinks, make a home movie and show it on your wall.” – Ned Tanen, Born Sep. 20, 1931.

Maybe some kind of artist types can get away with not caring what an audience thinks of their work.

But most artists care.

And business people definitely should care. And the real catch is you need to care about them as an audience and not just a prospect or customer.

Because marketing is now becoming highly content-focused. Video. Articles. Webisodes. Live streaming sales events. Etc.

So how are you speaking to them?
What are you saying to them, and why?
How do you want them to think, feel, react?
How is what you're sharing going to impact their lives?
What is the value for them?

It doesn't have to always be tangible or about return on investment the way a product is – but it needs to be worth their time. It needs to give them a feeling that makes the content worth the consumption of it.

A chuckle.
An epiphany.
A groan.

All are possible. And any of those emotional reactions can make a piece of content FEEL worth the time it took to consume, REGARDLESS of the other content.

So if you care about your audience, you'll lace your content with these triggers.

Because when the audience knows you care about them – enough to make content worth their time – that isn't just filler in between commercials – then they will feel most comfortable buying when you ask them to.

They care back.

So ask yourself: Do you care? Do you care enough? If not, why should your audience care about you?

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