You Have to Feel Bad Before I Can Help You Feel Good. You Have to Be Bored Before I Can Catch Your Eye.

Arthur Schopenhauer

“The two enemies of human happiness are pain and boredom.” – Arthur Schopenhauer, Born Feb. 22, 1788.

It may seem like a shitty thing, to sit around plotting ways to make people unhappy with their current existence.

But that is what we do for a living. We don't describe products and services. That's ditch work.

We remind people of their pain. We point out all the times and places they hurt. Every day and every night, they encounter and experience some unpleasantness, or distress, or even outright agony.

We make them feel bored. We point out that they have settled. We point out how all the things they think they like are trite and lame and shallow imitations. We point out the drudgery and repetition.

Why? Because UNHAPPY PEOPLE WILL MOVE. If someone is comfortable and complacent, your copy won't persuade them to do shit – because they aren't reading it. They aren't looking for anything, so they might not even be reading your messages in the first place.

So we endeavor to make people unhappy, and then promise them that a purchase (or other action/acquisition) will restore the comfort and security and happiness you've stolen from them.

Well, they may not look at it like you stole it. They just feel you've helped them see the TRUTH of their pain they've suppressed. You've planted the seed of boredom that grows into discontent.

And just when they feel they've had enough and want to make a change…

That's when you show them your offer.

Cha Ching.

Right? You know it. We are architects of human misery. Fortunately, we can make amends by delivering good products. But those customers won't know they are any good until you tweak their pain and PUSH them into trying it.

So go ahead. Get your twin goons of Pain and Boredom and go shake some people down.

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