Flaunt Your Flaws as Features for Authority and Authenticity

Friedrich Schiller

“It is often wise to reveal that which cannot be concealed for long.” – Friedrich Schiller, Born today, Nov. 10, 1759

Ah yes. The “damaging admission”. Confess your sins before your audience rather than hiding them. Expose your own flaws. Uncover your shortcomings. This applies to you, your products, and your offers.

But don't stop there. Admitting them humanizes you, and makes you appear trustworthy. But always give a “because” or a “reason why” that flips the flaw into a desirable feature.

It's not a short ebook. It's an all-meat, fluff-free report.

It's not a cash grab. It's a seasonal “gratitude” sale.

It's not an incomplete product. It's an impending upgrade.

Spin spin spin.

See: Most people would prefer the fatly padded platitudes. But not you… You're special.

It's not an unedited screencap video. It's a raw unfiltered and unpolished recording of a brain dump, never meant for mere consumers… But you're special.

I'm not a grizzled veteran in this field. But when I share my tactics for rapid success, I won't hide my errors. I'm letting you behind the scenes because… You're special.

You get the idea, right?

If you are the source for the full facts on your own flaws, no one can claim they are a jerk or a fraud or try to flame you with them.

You own the negative aspects when you claim them, and therefore you control the narrative reason they exist.

Or else don't take my advice, try to bury your flaws and hide them from the eyes of your audience… And woe to you when they dig them up and throw them in your face.

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