Good Copy Always Feels Like It’s Happening Right Now

Benoit Mandelbrot

“There is a saying that every nice piece of work needs the right person in the right place at the right time.” – Benoit Mandelbrot, Born Nov. 20, 1924.

That's what I like to make: a nice piece of work.

The right person is you, the reader, the viewer, the receiver of my offer.

As much as it is me, the person who is speaking to you. Only I could have written these words, and these words are for you alone. Others may read them – but they are FOR you.

The right place is here, where we are together, having this illusionary conversation in your mind.

If I said we were sitting across a table from each other, and I was telling you what I am typing now, would it be a cafe? A bar? A restaurant? A boardroom? A retail counter? A card game? You pick. It's your place. I'm just a guest.

The right time is now, whenever it is you're reading this.

It might be minutes after I first post it (but it isn’t). It might be years after I've composed these words into sentences (and it is).

But to you, it's now. Always now. When you're ready. And I know you're ready because you're still reading.

I don't think you could stop if you wanted to. You'd always wonder what the rest of this post says. About me. About you. And about the nature of making an offer feel special and compelling.

In other words, how do you make it a nice piece of work?

Would you like me to tell you?

I already have.

I've shown you. And it's something that only could have happened to you and I, right here, right now.

And I'm so happy that you stuck around and didn't miss it.

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