How to Obligate *Willing* Reciprocity in Potential Prospects

Eric Hoffer

“There is sublime thieving in all giving. Someone gives us all he has and we are his.” – Eric Hoffer, Born Jul. 25, 1902.

Cialdini called this the “Law of Reciprocity”, triggered when you do a favor for someone unbidden. They then feel a strong obligation to return the favor.

We don't like being forced into situations of obligation. That's why we have a strong instinct and conditioning to resist gifts from strangers who may seek to take advantage of us.

Of course, you can bypass this by giving people something that feels immensely valuable to them, seemingly at your own expense.

It's hard for someone to refuse that because it would also mean insulting your self-sacrificial gift.

For example, if you impart a valuable piece of information to a prospect despite the fact that it may leave you at a disadvantage, or else be embarrassing to admit to.

The only danger in this scheme is if you give away ALL your value, then you have nothing left to sell.

That's why I advise that you give away all you have when it comes to obstacles, roadblocks, setbacks, pitfalls, villains on the road to success in your area of expertise.

This information always feels valuable and makes people see you as altruistic.

But of course, it doesn't actually solve any problems or tell people how to move forward. So they still have a need for something they are willing to pay for.

A solution, a shortcut, a roadmap to an easier way.

And who better to sell it to them than their selfless, generous advisor who is always looking out for them?

After all, they owe you, don't they?

Yeah, they do.

5 thoughts on “How to Obligate *Willing* Reciprocity in Potential Prospects”

  1. Good afternoon, Colin! Thank you for the daily emails. I find them insightful and helpful as I begin my journey into copywriting. Keep ‘em coming!! Cheers!

  2. Giving without expecting anything in return leads to the hightest happiness.

    The Buddha calls it "enlightened self-interest."

    He said, "If people understood the benefits of generosity like I do, they would share even their last morsel of food."

  3. This is my favorite one so far. I starred it because I can use it pretty much immediately. I like how you mentioned what it was and gave an example of how to use it. That's always the best kind of info.

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