How to Pull Apart Any Product to Describe it Desirably

Josiah Gilbert Holland

“Joys divided are increased.” – Josiah Gilbert Holland, Born Jul. 24, 1819.

If you want to make any offer of anything seem more appealing to whoever it is you're offering it to…

Start slicing it up. Every distinct piece of it is a separate component with its own intrinsic and inherent value.

If you were selling a car, is it a car? Or is it a powerful engine, luxurious seats, safe brakes, shiny wheels, spacious interior, premium tires, bone-shaking stereo, etc…

And this thin slicing of components isn't just a trick to describe the offer to increase desire…

You use it to describe the prospective customer's future as an owner of the product or user of the service.

They benefit from and enjoy every aspect and micro-experience of usage.

This incredibly silly trick can make even the most mundane and boring items seem like treasure – a diamond hidden in the rough of plain sight.

A car is obviously a complex machine and it may seem easy to pull that apart. But consider a simple bottle of wine – the pedigree of the grape vines, the subtleties of the climate and terrain, the history of the vintner, the quality of the barrels, the integrity of the aging, the aroma, the nose, the taste, wood, fruit, berries, flowers, brightness, bitterness, mouth feel, aftertaste, finish, etc.

Use this and watch each thin slice nudge the prospect further along the vectors of desire, purchase, and satisfaction/consumption of whatever you're selling.

Don't underestimate how truly powerful this is in a pure bang-for-bucks/reward-to-effort ratio.


How can you use this right now to get someone to give you want you want from them or convince them to do what you want them to?

4 thoughts on “How to Pull Apart Any Product to Describe it Desirably”

  1. Linda Vorthman

    You had me at "bone-shaking stereo". I love how you use your imagination to full extent.
    This article was very helpful.

  2. Simple but amazing stuff to get the description completely right. It does help when one knows just how to put things into context.

    Take care!!!!!!

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