How We Can Provide “Blood” AND “Meat” to Feed Our Hungry Prospects

Art Buchwald

“Television has a real problem. They have no page two.” – Art Buchwald, Born Oct. 20, 1925.

What Art was talking about is how TV can only give you the page one stuff. Deeper commentary and lengthier coverage, or less prominent stories get passed over.

Or a least, they did.

That was the nature of the medium. Newspapers on the other hand, where Art worked, allowed a more in-depth exploration of the world and the nation and the city and the topic.

Past the front page, they dove deeper, and explored stories that didn’t necessarily make the papers fly off the racks, but were still pertinent to the people. It was still news that mattered, just less blood in your eye.

Forget newspapers and TV for a minute.

You and I work on the Internet. We get the best of both forms of media, and can combine them in ways Art couldn't even imagine.

As content creators, we can do exactly what television did – broadcast live to anyone who is interested, and have it spread by word of mouth and by algorithm.

And as curators of our respective niches, we can dive deep like newspapers used to. Long-form written content is what feeds the heads. The nerds for whom the video and visuals only whetted their appetites for the subject – they want to dive deep and indulge.

We can link these together, from one to the other. By participating in any useful or rewarding pursuit, you can document and publish that activity, and build an audience you can profit from.

And you can appease every interest level from curiosity to absolute addiction, using simple tools and software that you can carry with you.

You can be page 1, 2, 15, 50k, whatever.

If you can make your pursuit enthusiastic and interesting, people will follow. If you can give them more on the subject than they can ever finish, you'll keep them for life.

Why aren't you doing this yet?

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