Shut Up and Finish. Hit Publish. Start the Next One. Edit Later.

Edward H. Harriman

“Much good work is lost for the lack of a little more.” – Edward H. Harriman, Born Feb. 20, 1848.

You're so close. Just finish the fucking thing. You know the thing. You brought it nearly to the end and stopped short of the finish line.

Maybe some other shit came up. Maybe you had doubts. Maybe your brain started self-sabotaging you. Maybe you kept getting ideas of how to make it just a little better.

And then you got bored or stressed, or took to long to get back to it. Now it's jammed with cobwebs and you've lost your place and you know if you got back into it you would just want to start over.

Fuck that.

We are going to cure of that right now. It's super simple, and I know it, because I used to be like you. Never finishing. Always tweaking ideas but never executing on shit.

You know what the magical power is that can reverse that stagnation? It's the little button that says “post”.

Write it. Publish it. Only edit after you publish it – if you feel like it. But you know what would be better than editing? Start writing the next thing.

Not perfect? Fuck you, apologize to the reader if you need to and hit post.

Not finished? Fuck you, put “to be continued” on the end and hit post.

Not great? Fuck you, hit post and write another one tomorrow that might be better.

Not inspired? Fuck you, write about struggling to write and hit post.

You're so close. Just a little more. It's good enough, and you'll improve with practice.

Now fast forward into the future when you've been doing what I just told you.

Posting a bunch of shit all the time and have people reading it? Great! Are you making them offers, too? Because that is where the money comes from…

But we will talk about that later. To be continued…

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