I’ll Never Ever Tell How This Trick is Done

Rob Cordry

“If you have a secret, people will sit a little bit closer.” – Rob Corddry, Born Feb.4, 1971.

This is a simple power. But it's strong.


However, I won't explain it to you.

So don't ask.

I can't. I'm not allowed to.

Don't beg. It's unbecoming.

It's a secret – A powerful secret that many people would die to know. Others still would kill to keep it.

Really, it's for our own protection that I DON'T tell you.

I couldn't. I shouldn't. Should I? I might…

It might be too dangerous to share.

It might be too…

Oh shit.

I think I just accidentally explained it.

Fuck. Don't tell anyone, ok?

Keep it between us. Promise?


No one else can know. So make sure y'all keep it tight.

Wizards only, fools!

2 thoughts on “I’ll Never Ever Tell How This Trick is Done”

  1. Genius!

    Just found your website after listening to your appearance in the Copywriter Club Podcast.

    This is my Bible now.

    Also, you had me at "Don't" when I handed over my email address.

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