Propaganda for Fun and Profit. But Mostly Profit.

Jacques Ellul

“It is the emergence of mass media which makes possible the use of propaganda techniques on a societal scale.” – Jacques Ellul, Born Jan. 6, 1912.

I say often that being able to persuade other people is about as close as you can get to having a real life superpower.

It makes life easier. It makes one successful and well-liked. It can even make one wealthy. But it has a limited range without technological help.

When spoken, a loudspeaker can increase your effective range. A recording could extend it further. Broadcast extends it yet further still.

When written, a single copy of your message can spread your influence. Multiple copies can spread it further and longer.

That used to be the barrier to entry to the mass mind.  It used to be very expensive to manufacture and distribute copies of your work.  Printing, publication, stapling, shipping, etc.

But that’s all changed.

Now there is instant access to your information from anywhere in the world by practically anyone who wants it.

What can that do for us?  What CAN’T it do?

Internet + smartphones + content creation tools + social media.  That’s why it’s never been a better time to be a propagandist.

With the advent of cheap social media and cheap mobile content creation devices, anyone with the power of persuasion can be practically a demigod.

You can control your own little hive-mind, with a small (or large) army of loyal followers acting like individual brain cells.

What will you do with this power?

Change the world?

Rise to power?

Start a cult?

At a minimum you can start a business. Selling anything.

The power of nearly unlimited reach is available to anyone.

There are almost no excuses left not to leverage this power.

The only missing ingredient might be lacking the skills to effectively persuade with your words.

But that's ok. That's why you're reading this now.

I can help you learn to persuade.  The part left for you is to decide what do with the power, and which of the freely available tools you will choose from to build your influence.

Stop getting ready, and start doing it.  Waiting only makes the line in front of you longer.

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  1. Hi Colin. I sent you an email asking about the timeframe for the $99 monthly pricing on The Vault subscription and some clarification about the templates it includes. I was hoping to hear back from you before today so I wouldn’t risk buying the pattern interruption webinar twice, but you never responded. Disappointing, but I’m still considering the vault. Will you please reply to my email at your earliest convenience? Thank you.

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