Influence the Influencers First, As a Shortcut

Brooks Adams

“The difference is slight, to the influence of an author, whether he is read by 500 readers, or by five hundred thousand; if he can select the 500, he reaches the five hundred thousand.” – Brooks Adams, Born Jun. 24, 1848.⁣

This is relevant to the would-be gurus among you. ⁣

You can amplify your influence if you target the influencers first. ⁣

Growing this cult is a subject people ask me about often. It grew quickly because the earliest members were influential people I had built a relationship with.⁣

Not artificially – I became actual friends with people in my “industry” who I thought were established and cool and kindred spirits when it came to values and villains and general mindset.⁣

By the time I decided to become a “leader” I had spoken on a few stages, networked with lots of other speakers, and had even established inroads to be exposed to the audiences of my clients, too.⁣

I'm just a helpful fellow who is willing to demand favors now and then. 🙂⁣

But here is the meat of this message:⁣

1. Figure out whose herds you want to reach.⁣

2. Become a genuine contributor/acquaintance/friend of those people.⁣

3. Make them your allies when you create something of your own.⁣

4. Make your own audience out of those individuals among theirs who dig what you do.⁣

5. Return the favor without being asked.⁣

You don't start a fire by holding a match to a log. It takes kindling. The kindling of a fan following is other people's audiences. ⁣

Don't mooch. Don't leech. Give and give, but be easily identifiable and findable.⁣

Give with ulterior motive. Give to earn favor and reciprocity.⁣

And of course, when your select few influencers do their job and kick start your meteoric rise, do your best to do right by them in return.⁣

Or, you know, struggle to grow your audience one actual follower at a time like a goddamn idiot if you insist.

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