The Secret Shortcut To Securing Sublime Skill

Shinichi Suzuki

“Knowledge is not skill. Knowledge plus ten thousand times is skill.” – Shinichi Suzuki, Born Oct. 17, 1898.

If you want to get good at something, study less and practice more. Study is great, don't get me wrong.

But practice is where improvement actually occurs. Discipline creates routine. Routine creates comfort. Comfort creates quality work that comes easily.

Want to get good at writing copy? Write and PUBLISH some copy every day and test if it worked.

Try to sell something.

Try to get subscribers.

Try to get likes or shares or whatever action it is.

It's not reading about copy. It's not hand copying old letters some other dude wrote decades ago. It's not chatting about copy with other copy nerds.

That stuff only helps (if it helps at all) AFTER you are already doing the ACTUAL PRACTICE every day. At least a little. Every damn day.

It's not like a diploma, where you earn it and have it forever. It's like a bodybuilder's physique – constant maintenance is required.

Ask any writer who does it how hard it is to get it back when you take a long break.

But also ask how easy it comes when you're in the well worn brain paths you enjoy when you're deep in an unbroken chain of daily practice.

I'm telling you. Write every day. Publish every day. Sell something every day. Grow your audience every day.

Use your words. Acquire skill.

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