What To Say To Get People To Like You (By Getting Others To Hate You)

Joe Rogan

“When someone comes along and expresses him or herself as freely as they think, people flock to it. They enjoy it.” – Joe Rogan, Born Aug. 11, 1967.

If you want to gather attention around yourself in a given arena or industry or market or field, find the popular thoughts and beliefs that are unpopular to say out loud.

Then say them.

This is pretty much guaranteed to get you maximum attention.

From the people who share your typically unspoken thoughts, you are a hero. You give words to their frustrations, and you're brave enough to face the consequences for it.

From the people who don't share your thoughts, they can't help but heap scorn upon you for daring to say those awful, offensive, taboo things.

Their complaints may well get the attention of even more people who fall into the first category. The “Streisand Effect” is one name for that.

Now, before you go thinking that I’m evil or cruel or whatever, let me clarify my advice here. As always, the Cult does not shy away from observations we make of bad men and madmen.

But as always, INTENT is key…

There is a “right” way to do this, and a “wrong” way.

What it comes down to is whether these unspoken “truths” you dare to speak are harmful or damaging to people.

Because if you give voice to things like xenophobia, bigotry, prejudice, and the negative beliefs people have about other people, this method will certainly still work. You'll grow and gather an audience around those unfortunately popular fears and dislikes.

No one needs examples of this. They are abundant and thriving.

But that choice hurts people both directly and indirectly. And it's dangerous, because you can't control your audience anymore when you fuel them with these feelings that can only be released through acting on those feelings.

So this is dangerous mojo.

So how do WE use this method?

Instead I recommend you focus your expression of unspoken thoughts to uncovering the things that CAUSE harm…

The things that bring people low, and keep them there…

The things that may actually help people lead happier, healthier, safer, easier, more comfortable and fulfilling lives if they could reject this self-harming, hurtful needless ways…


Stick to that and you'll sleep like a baby.

Or destroy the world. Either one will work.

Use with caution.

4 thoughts on “What To Say To Get People To Like You (By Getting Others To Hate You)”

  1. Great content again. Looking forward to utilizing it in my marketing (and personal life).
    Keep the bonus content coming too. Thanks.

  2. You've helped me, tremendously, with this way of thinking, but sometimes the nature of the topic itself is sometimes just too much for folks to work with.

    The lesson gets lost; drowned out by the nature of the content.

    Even if there is no disagreement about whether a thing is "good" or "bad," sometimes it seems you just can't discuss the issue with some folks.

    What are your feelings about bringing up those topics for use as memorable lesson devices?

    How do you know if it's useful to you whether it will simply be offensive to others?

    How do you test before you test (if that even makes sense)?

    I just test and see what the feedback says, but wondering if there is a better or different way, lol.

    Thanks for everything, Colin.

    1. I try to avoid making lessons out of things that will trigger memories of trauma in people. Violence, abuse, things like that. Because those are not what I’m talking about, and I don’t want the frame story to take away from the point by triggering feelings that exceed what I want to discuss. But even then, I step in it sometimes. One time I was discussing a book I read that was written by a pimp, and someone in my audience got very upset. I wasn’t praising the guy or his behavior – but that’s how trauma is.

      1. Ah! I remember that.

        The pimpology discussion a few years back.

        So, basically, what I got from that was sometimes you just can't avoid the uncertainties. Try, see, await feedback and adjust.

        As always, thanks again.

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