Put a Pin in Those Excuses. Instead: Produce. Publish. Profit.

John Coltrane

“You can play a shoestring if you're sincere.” – John Coltrane, Born Sep. 23, 1926.

Don't let anything be an excuse that keeps you from doing what you want to do.

“I only have an hour a day.”

“I need a better computer.”

“I'm working on my game plan.”

“I was busy this weekend.”

“I don't yet know the best, perfect way to do anything, which will risk nothing, but will get me maximum benefit.”

Do you care?
Do you have something to say?
Do you have value to provide?

If yes, stop making excuses…

And start making offers.

If not, try caring.

Try finding something to say – about you, about the market, about your competition. Try finding a way to create value – find a way to get a return on some kind of investment.

Figure out how to improve a certain result, and then find all the people who need your help to accomplish what you know how to do.

Play whatever shoestring you have to – just be sincere.

You want to help someone.
You want to say something of value.
You want to make the world better for cool people, and worse for jerks.

Just stop making excuses.

Start making changes.

Start making opportunities.

Will you? Which ones? Tell me.

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