Mashup Your Core Topic With Everything Else That Is Cool (And People Will Love It And Beg For More)

Horace Walpole

“The whole secret of life is to be interested in one thing profoundly and in a thousand things well.” – Horace Walpole, Born Sep. 24, 1717.

This is also a decent philosophy for thinking about your core content that you will use to build an audience around.

You choose your central, main topic. And then you look for intersections and interactions between that topic, and literally any other topic that interests you and your audience.

I've talked about copy (my core topic) as it relates to:

Comic books
Pulp novels
Dungeons and dragons
Super Mario brothers
The seven deadly sins
Cults for real
Stage illusion
Rap lyrics

And probably a ton more of obscure trivialities that I'm forgetting.

But the value in doing so is that each of those side topics is going to be a DEEPER connection between me and a potential follower.

So they come for the copy knowledge, but any of these tangential topics creates a rapport with a given person that makes me a preferred provider, due to shared experience and common values.

If you like any of the above topics AND copy, I'm like, at least in the top five dudes operating at that intersection, and making it slightly more interesting for you, personally.

And while I think that is the secret to a strong content marketing plan, it's ALSO the secret to LIFE ITSELF, according to Walpole.

So, you know… You're welcome!

1 thought on “Mashup Your Core Topic With Everything Else That Is Cool (And People Will Love It And Beg For More)”

  1. When people know their threads run through you, that you get them, that they're not alone (in the whatevers and everythangs), man, that's where the gold is, baby.

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