If Your Wish is for Riches, Rub Pencil to Paper Instead of Polishing Magic Lamps

Rosamunde Pilcher

“There is no magic in all the world like that magic when you sell your first bit of writing.” – Rosamunde Pilcher, Born Sep. 22, 1924.

Oh Rosamunde, you poor dear.

The magic that exceeds your claim is the feeling when your words can sell things – yours or those produced by others – sell them again and again, forever.

You don't have to wait for some publisher to put you in print.

You don't have to wait for some editor to deem your stuff worthy of paying you for the rights to print and promote it.

Type your crap.

Hit post. Hit send. Put

it in front of people that will like it.

Grow an audience of people who enjoy what you're giving them – something they can't get anywhere else, something unique – and then sell them more of it.

You can do it. Anyone can. OK… Almost anyone. Probably you, though.

Creating your own fortune from your own ideas and words?

That is wizardry. That is some 9th level magical spell stuff.

That is being able to grant your own wishes. Poke a genie right in his lamp hole – who needs one?

Not you. Not me.

I can think up an idea. I can write a post asking people to pay me to make that idea into reality. I will make (currently, on average) five figures IN ADVANCE…

And then I have the recorded thing I created, to sell for myself, forever, and I keep all the money. No agent. No publisher. Just me, directly connected to my audience and customers.


Are you doing this yet? Goddamn it, why not?

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