Thank You All, Love You All, (Now You Say It)

Fritz Scholder

“I give thanks everyday that I've been able to take my craziness and make it work for me.” – Fritz Scholder, Born Oct. 6, 1937.

This is one of those stupid self-indulgent gratitude posts.

I don't expect anyone to care. And I'll keep it short.

Thank you. All of you. Sincerely.

For reading anything I write.

For sharing and recommending it.

For buying the things I make.

For hiring me to do work or give advice.

For giving me an ample living that supports my family.

I am glad you all like this page and my group and these posts and me (if you even do).

Thanks again.

OH – And pass it on to people you’re grateful to.

2 thoughts on “Thank You All, Love You All, (Now You Say It)”

  1. Thanks a lot for your content man, it's truly a blessing to have mentors with skill AMD integrity 🙂 stoked to keep getting better.

    Thanks for everything

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