Avoid Idiots In Your Business and Life By Earning the Power of “No”

Elizabeth Montagu

“I never invite idiots to my house.” – Elizabeth Montagu, Born Oct. 2, 1718.

I'm not saying they don't squeak in from time to time, but I try to run this “cult” community of ours as an idiot-free environment.

And I've tried to create products and content at my own level, rather than aiming at newbies and beginners and people who maybe aren't smart enough to be in business.

Because though there have been times in my life that I have had to serve people I didn't want to – to cater to people I found idiotic – because I needed their money, or their network, or some other boon.

But not here.

Some people have said that I create a hostile environment. In the same way a gardener is hostile to weeds, yes.

And the main goal there is mainly that I didn't want to find myself administrating or policing a cesspool of mediocrity and foolishness that one can find in a ton of other bullshit, clown-shoes ass-barrels.

If I am going to build my business around a community, and make my living serving that community, then by definition, it has to be a community I WANT to be a part of. Every day. All day.

And not compromising, not dumbing it down, not holding back – that is what has made all the difference for me.

My advice: maybe beginners have to compromise a little at first. But as fast as you can, give yourself the gift of saying NO when it comes to working with, or selling to, people you hate dealing with.

Because if you have good material, and are creating an interesting flavor that YOU like, it's better to go find people with the same taste and get all of them into your stuff.

Vs. making stuff you don't like, just to appease people you don't like, for the sake of service or whatever.

Don't work for people that don't get you or what you do. Instead, use the time you save by refusing them to find better customers and clients.

You'll thank yourself later.

But you can thank ME right away (if you find this advice useful)…

Did you?

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