Say it. Then say it again differently. And yet again, but not the same, and Etc…

Paul Weyrich

“The average voter has to hear a point seven times before it registers.” – Paul Weyrich, Born Oct. 7, 1942.

Repetition is key.

Repetition is key.

If you want your message to be received…

Repetition. Is. Key.

Here is the rub.

The trick to making this work is that you can't just say the same thing over and over in the same way. Repetition BUT NOT VERBATIM – is key. Because if I ignored it the first time. And I ignore it the second time. Chances are, I’ll be completely and subconsciously blind to it by the third identical repeat.

Hell, let’s say after six or seven repeats, I actually DO consciously notice you. But what I notice is that you’re basically “spamming” me the same thing over and over and over. How dull. How annoying.

Identical repetition just creates a pattern. Patterns are boring.

How can you repeat things enough – 7 times to be noticed, 12 to be remembered – 20 plus to trigger an action… That's a lot of hammering on a single nail without becoming predictable and bland and monotonous. How can it be done?

You need a way to deliver the KEY INFORMATION you want to impart, but make it real, unique, and valuable in and of itself to consume each time. Do this, and people will notice, react, and respond – but almost never with annoyance.

Here is a basic formula. In addition to your core message, you want to be: interesting, valuable, grateful, and promise more to come.

And you don’t have to be creative.

Borrow something interesting from elsewhere, and just attach your message to that. Provide some useful tidbit, or even just a chuckle or acknowledgement. That makes the message worth consuming for the recipient. And when you promise yet more to come, that creates anticipation and eagerness for the next tasty bit.

That means you can hammer and hammer at that nail until it's flush – but the nail won't complain. IF every blow is a distinct and interesting tickle instead of pounding only on anguish and boredom.

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