Knowledge Is Power, So Learn How To Brew Your Own

Denis Diderot

“There are three principal means of acquiring knowledge… observation of nature, reflection, and experimentation. Observation collects facts; reflection combines them; experimentation verifies the result of that combination.” – Denis Diderot, Born October 5, 1713.

I’ve said it before – on the Internet, information is cheap if not free. It’s abundant. Readily available on demand, and in excess.

There is ZERO VALUE in creating “new” information.

I mean, all things being equal, no one wants to buy information. But they will pay INFINITY DOLLARS for KNOWLEDGE.

Knowledge is different from information. 

I usually say “knowledge is information + experience” and I thought I made that up, lol. But here I am faced with an 18th century French philosopher arriving at the same thing much earlier… though, admittedly, he wasn’t talking about the Internet.

I digress. Heed this lesson for your clients, when you are trying to construct their content and offers – because both are pieces of information after all. To make it valuable to anyone, you have to temper it with the proof of experience.

How was this information gathered and tested? How was it altered and refined? Who did the transformation, and what is their story? How are they an authority or at least interesting?

Through this “trick” you can take any piece of information about your niche and transform it into a story of discovery and triumph, starring: your client. 

Position your clients as though are out there, in the trenches, turning that raw and worthless information into diamonds through the pressure and time of their own hands-on work. Work that the prospect now benefits from because they have KNOWLEDGE.

Tested, proven, accurate, current, and vouched for by someone who knows what they’re talking about.

Not just some tweet farts from some anonymous egg.

And the same applies to YOU, dear cultist. YOU can become one of these filters that suck in observations and applies reflection and experimentation. Reflect again, observe more, then another experiment. Report results. Share tactics that are told as a story about how you pulled it all off.

Tell people which efforts turned out good, which started out bad (and how you fixed them) – and that’s how they know they can follow you faster – with confidence and security, without fear of making mistakes alone.

YOU become the expert in their eyes as you go. While you do it. A living “before and after” example that is always evolving to be more awesome.

Will you step into it? The door is open now.

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