The Emperor Doesn’t Need New Clothes if He Is Buff and Badass

Samuel Goldwyn

“A wide screen just makes a bad film twice as bad.” – Samuel Goldwyn, Born Aug. 17, 1882.⁣

Are you getting too caught up in the details of your project?⁣

The little things.

Tripping over word selection. Alliterative names. Logo design. Etc.⁣

If you are even thinking about that stuff before the core content you want to present is ready, you’re sabotaging yourself.

Decoration and detail and polish are all great for a FINISHED project.

But the truth is that if the underlying core idea is strong and valuable, it can enter the marketplace unadorned and still make a splash.⁣

If you care about polish and decoration, please indulge. But do it when the core – the engine – the heart of your project is complete and presentable.

Even in raw form. Don’t be afraid to release an “alpha” or “beta” version to your audience for feedback and response.

They love it (as long as it works as-is).

Once you have something that is useful, which overdelivers, which fulfills expectations and promises – THEN make it pretty and as perfect in presentation as it can be.⁣

But fretting over presentation before the product is good enough is largely a waste.⁣

You can't put lipstick on a pig, as they say.

Actually, you can. It just doesn't make the pig any prettier when you do.⁣

So work on the substance of the project.

The meat. Make it delicious.

Promise a taste and make it into a full meal for people who want more.

Make it substantive.

Make it so dense that they have to read/watch consume it more than once and take notes.⁣

Once you're delivering quality in that quantity, you can worry about how many times your copy uses the word “that” or if your box shot graphics need the logo or the mascot on them.⁣

But trying to put that stuff up front? Rookie mistake.

Newbies use it as an excuse to not actually work on their project.

Sometimes not even on purpose, almost subconsciously.

Because you feel busy if you're fiddling with something,even when it's really nothing.⁣

Don't waste time and effort fiddling with nothing.⁣

Are you?

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