The Recipe for Becoming and Instant Upstart in Any Niche

Lenny Bruce

“I'm not a comedian. And I'm not sick. The world is sick, and I'm the doctor. I'm a surgeon with a scalpel for false values.” – Lenny Bruce, Born Oct. 13, 1925.

If you want to enter a market or niche, and you are an unknown, but want to make a big splash – this is the recipe.

This is what you do when you want to gather attention and convert the attentive into an audience. Develop that audience into fans. Cultivate those fans into customers.

Do this.

Step One. Figure out what other people HATE about that niche. Look to the complaints. Look to who they feel is a bad actor. Look at the practices they despise. Look at the norms they are bored and disabused of.

Step Two. Through that lens, explore and discover new things to pierce for being false, fraudulent, bad, damaging, etc. Be sure you can back your criticism, and be willing to defend it.

Step Three. Build content around that. Publish it. Let others vent with you. Let them collect their strife and struggles under your banner. Become a voice against the forces of darkness that oppress you all.

You can stop there. That’s enough, really. Especially if all you want to do it gather that audience and say, sell ads to sellers who want to reach that audience. Maybe sell them things other people made as an affiliate, and collect a commission from sales.

And that’s fine. Plenty make huge incomes from that, and it’s certainly valid. Do that if you like.

But if you want to take it a step further, do what Lenny said. Be not only the doctor who diagnoses, but the surgeon who scalpels out these diseases in your marketplace.

Because when your followers hear your accurate and insightful diagnosis, their immediate and instinctual assumption is that you ALSO know the cure. You have the solution to what ails them. You must. Or else how could you know this much about the problem?

Of course, this is a fallacy on their part. But you can MAKE it true.

Because Step Four. Research, develop, and facilitate real and effective solutions to the problems they complained about – the problems you articulated and agitated and defined into crystal clarity for them.

Then, sell them those. Sell them your advice and counsel, too. Sell them everything from simple solutions akin to ointments for aches, the equivalent of bandages for bloody scrapes, straight up to a metaphorical potion of perfect health.

And enjoy success that comes with ease, and increases exponentially while you just do the same thing again and again: be the doctor who diagnoses, and the surgeon who scalpels away the disease.

2 thoughts on “The Recipe for Becoming and Instant Upstart in Any Niche”

  1. It takes courage to be a Mahatma Gandhi or Lenny Bruce. Paving the way for others to say,, “Hey, that ain’t right” can be world changing and business changing. Working on making my splash in the chiropractic/energy medicine pool. Pointing out the objectionable and offering a better way: It IS enough. Lagniappe gets some well-deserved time off, in this episode. Thanks, Rev.

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