Discovery of Hidden Value Always Requires THIS

Ludwig van Beethoven

“Don't only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets; art deserves that, for it and knowledge can raise man to the Divine.” – Ludwig van Beethoven, Born Dec. 17, 1770.

The main thing I like about this advice is that it’s about putting in the work. Not on some kind of 24/7 hustle addict level. But it’s about HOW you work.

Push it. Do it consistently, but when you do it, try and invade into new territory… if not for the whole industry, at least for you.

Experiment. Stretch. Go outside the area you would normally be comfortable to tread. That’s where all growth is found.

This can be a challenge you set for yourself. It can be a contest to break your own personal best record when it comes to length, emotion, transparency, vulgarity, whatever.

Just pick a vector and go outside where you’ve ever gone before.

Just one. Just a little. That’s all it takes.

These little stretches increase your range. These little pushes increase your power. These little expansions grow your dominion.

And your audience sees it, too. They see you growing in skill and experience. They see it become apparent on their screens and in their brains.

Your influence compounds the more you practice at it, so long as you are willing to FORCE yourself into new avenues and corners.

And so I recommend doing that when it comes to the topics you cover for your field of interested followers who want to see what you see. Explore. Delve. Look where others aren’t. Try where others have passed over.

What can you eke out from topics and viewpoints others have bypassed, avoided, or ignored?

Dig there. Find treasure.

And guess what? When you go into those dark, as yet unexplored places, you will discover unimagined things. Undiscovered wisdom. Fresh techniques. Hidden wealth.

And those who follow the new trails you have blazed will have you to thank for the riches they can take away with them.

There you will be, shop set up, ready to sell maps, equipment, guidebooks, tools – because you know what is needed to enter, enrich oneself, and escape unscathed.

And only explorers like you and I can get them there safely. Securely. And for a perfectly reasonable price.

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