The World Is Full of Treasure For You – But You Must Fight For It

Frederick Edwin Smith

“The world continues to offer glittering prizes to those who have stout hearts and sharp swords.” – F. E. Smith, Born Jul. 12, 1872.

The world ain't gonna give you a prize for showing up. Unless you count “eventual surprise death” as a prize.

The world actually doesn't reward anything to anyone. Life isn't a game of that sort, where if you play long enough and just earn levels and skills and rewards just by surviving.

But the world is LOADED with opportunities for literally any and every thing you could possibly want that exists right now – and even more amazing, it offers anything you can possibly create that doesn't exist yet.

But you have to go get it.

And it's never easy.

Wealth. Love. Fame. Glory. Whatever it is you want, unless you're born having it, you'll have to fight for it.

The world itself is dangerous. Complications. Obstacles. Setbacks. Plus – You'll face competitors. Rivals. Traitors. Haters. Even people you love who simply don't understand and are holding you back.

And that's why you need a sharp sword if you intend to carve your own little slice of space and time to make a life for yourself, rather than sitting around and just settling for what plops in your lap.

You have to chop your way through the jungle of reality and probably slay some monsters.

But the treasure – OMG the treasure!

It's just laying around for you. For anyone. Most people are too dull and weak to ever find the places where it lays hidden for the taking.

Your sword is your talent, your skill, your attitude, your intellect, your heart. You're literally bristling with blades, like some kind of badass porcupine.

But your job is to keep them sharp. Through preparation, and more importantly, through PRACTICE.

Find the intersection of your strengths and passions, and become knowledgable skilled in that arena, through participation. Chances are, you can make a living at it, too.

Carve out your own little corner of your chosen niche, tame it and claim it.

If that's not like being a modern day conquering hero, claiming lost treasure of the ancients, I don't know what is.

7 thoughts on “The World Is Full of Treasure For You – But You Must Fight For It”

  1. Hello Cultist. It’s True. One must fight fiercely for his/her space. After all, getting the treasures of life is tough road and only those with perseverance and great determination can reach the glorious end.
    Nice piece Colin.

  2. Linda Schneider

    Damn! I'm inspired. I don't know what I'm inspired to do right now, but I'm inspired to figure it out.

  3. This may very well be the greatest advice you have ever published. I know your clients get this from you but this is a timely treasure for the rest of us.

    I realized a long time ago when living in one of the poorest countries of West Africa of all places that there is an unlimited amount of everything everywhere, it is just a matter of seeing through the haze that we put in front of ourselves.

    It is always an experience to read your missives because you are so on it.

    I know this is advice that you have presented in various forms over the years but it always rings true and now more than ever.

    Thank you Colin

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