To Become a Guru, You Must Nail This Change

Jean Genet

“The fame of heroes owes little to the extent of their conquests and all to the success of the tributes paid to them.” – Jean Genet, Born Dec. 19, 1910.

Let’s talk about idols. Idolization. Idolatry.

Let’s talk about you in that role. It’s yours if you want it. But most people don’t understand how it works. It’s not about wins. At first, yes. But long term? No.

I’ll explain.

This is something I’ve been talking to my recent mentoring students this month.

Yes, pursue results. Do excellent work and try your best for your first clients. Get those results.

Then brag about them. Teach your methods to your so-called competitors. Take on more clients, but BE SELECTIVE and work most for people who can get OUTRAGEOUS results with your help. Don’t take on impossible challenges. Take on easy and big wins, and do them fast so you can squeeze in more.

And turn right around and share it all UNTIL…

When you deliberately grow your audience, for the purpose of cultivating fans, with the goal of making a living by selling them your work, there is a tipping point.

I call it the “guru pivot.”

This is the point at which a person who discovers you for the first time is influenced more by the size of your following than by your knowledge of your chosen field.

Of course, they are wowed by that expertise as well, but that comes second. And it comes AFTER they already adopt the undeniable presumption that you MUST know what you’re talking about, or else why would this many people be paying attention?

When you are first beginning to build a reputation for yourself, your followers are attracted by your outcomes. By your results. For your yourself, your clients, your customers. The things you DO matter more.

But when you cross this line and make that pivot, it changes.

What attracts followers is that you are recommended. You are known. There is a crowd of people around you, consuming a cloud of content that radiates from you like an aura.

You’ve got fans engaging each other, discussing your work and recommending your points of view.

You’ve got customers and clients dropping testimonials.

You’ve got a catalog of popular products, and your shingle is out to be hired for one on one actual work, if you want it.

All of this creates an inescapable impression of importance. So that when the fresh prospect wades through these fields of followers and fans, sees all the works and sees them praised and glorified, when they finally reach the stage to hear you directly – there may as well be a neon halo over your head.

You’re vaunted. You’re sainted.

From that point on, you’re made forever as long as you feed the fans. Welcome to celebrity, you little baby guru, you.

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