Through Working, We Discover Deep Questions People Will Pay Us to Answer

Susanne Langer

“If we would have new knowledge, we must get a whole world of new questions.” – Susanne Langer, Born Dec. 20, 1895.

In groups I run about copywriting, a lot of newbies ask the exact same questions. How do I start? What books do I need to read? Is this course I found any good?

And these questions have all been answered a million times. Not just in my own groups, but countless times before and elsewhere. These are not new questions.

And therefore, the answers are hollow. Shallow. Meaningless. Repeated platitudes and handed-down non-wisdom. Secondhand opinions whose sources are lost to the ages.

That information has no value. To the point that it’s not worth asking.

So how do you learn? How do you get answers that are meaningful and valuable? How do you get KNOWLEDGE that people will pay you for? How do you acquire skills that stem from that knowledge that people will pay you to apply for them?

Through experience. Through work. Through trying, and yes, sometimes failing.

You must try to do things you have not done. And perhaps don’t even know HOW to do. And you must apply the best info you can gather, and give it your best effort.

But don’t over-prepare. Just go for it. Execute. Because no plan meets the battlefield intact. You will find obstacles. Make errors. Find holes in your plan. You will need to adjust, and find NEW answers for these NEW questions.

Questions that you were perhaps the first to come across. Questions found ONLY through application and exploration. You DISCOVER them. And by further effort, you can find ANSWERS, too.

And it’s those newly discovered answers to those hidden, buried questions that will give you value as an expert. It will give you skill that others don’t have. It will give you rarer experiences than your competitors. It will give you KNOWLEDGE that is uniquely your own… that no one could buy from anyone else but you.

And THAT is how you get started.

So start.

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