We Don’t Make “Mistakes” – We Have “Plot Developments”

Mario Montez

“No matter what I do, it somehow comes out right – even if it was a mistake!” – Mario Montez, Born Jul. 20, 1935.⁣

Consider what you're doing – your work, your career – as one long, unfolding story.⁣

It's not a series of projects and goals, but an overall plot arc.⁣

When you “fail” at a thing, don't look at it as a goal unaccomplished. Look at it as a plot point you will pivot off of.⁣

How can you reframe mistakes and obstacles and blow-ups as part of a story that extends into the future? How can you look a a dip so that it is actually a valley with a rise just on the other side?⁣

So you failed. So what? And then what happens?⁣

How bad is it? I personally know at least 4 business people that went to jail (or at least got into bigtime legal trouble) and used that as a reputation BUILDER.⁣

It's in their bio. Not swept under the rug.⁣

So maybe whatever little mistake or blunder or shortfall you find yourself in isn't even that bad.⁣

Don't throw away or forget or move past your mistakes.⁣

Own them. Admit them. Use them to compare your future successes to so that your audience can see not only that you've climbed so high – but they see that you're invincible.⁣

People love that.⁣

Much more then they love pretend people who try to portray perfection that is hollow and artificial.⁣

You have homework:

Have you made a mistake lately? How will you capitalize on it?

4 thoughts on “We Don’t Make “Mistakes” – We Have “Plot Developments””

  1. I used something similar recently.
    I’m a flawed parent, fortunately many of my flaws have been recognized and addressed. I was speaking with someone recently and explained that all parents are human and consequently flawed. Ideally, although not always, we act in our children’s best interest.

  2. Enjoying your Daily Devotionals!

    I actually prefer to read them on the website here. The line spacing and length are easier to read than in my email.
    If you lead off with a link to the blog page every time and include everything here that is in the email you will get more people coming and more comments.
    Just an idea for you.

    My mistake would be not acting faster in this time of covid to help parents handle their new at home teaching duties and keep the kids interested.
    PS were two of the four you mention who highlight their jail time Frank Abagnale Jr. and Martha Stuart?

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