The Wise Man of the Wasteland Reveals His One Weird Trick

Zora Neale Hurston

“The man who interprets Nature is always held in great honor.” – Zora Neale Hurston, Born Jan. 7, 1891.

If you want to be the guru/expert/wizard in your chosen fields of expertise, you must become an interpreter of nature, as it occurs in that field.

You are the wise man. The oracle. A wizard of the wilderness. You do not just see things, but you INTERPRET MEANING from these things.

You see connections between the unknown, and the known – which helps make the strange into the familiar, and thus makes it less fearful and more manageable.

Through these interpretations you give your tribe of followers the power that makes humanity able to progress far beyond any other beast: the ability to make more accurate predictions about the future.

“If I do THIS thing, then THAT thing I desire will happen.”

If you can pull those insights out of the chaotic environment that surrounds us all, and then you share those gems with the people around you, you'll soon find yourself at the center of that flock, who will now look to you for further guidance.

Do you wish to take up this mantle?

Look at your niche. Things happen. Events occur. What do they mean? What do they predict? What will happen? How should people react to get the best outcome?

If you don't know, guess. Hedge your predictions – if we don't sufficiently X, then Y will happen. If R continues, then S will never come to pass.

Don’t worry about being wrong. Most normies are so afraid of ever being wrong they won’t even try to plan ahead and execute that plan.

But not you. You’re not scared, and you try. If you fail, they see you learn from it and get the lesson for free.

People forget your mistakes, but remember your “hits” and you take on a magical aura. Your certainty and willingness to commit to a prediction and recommended course of action makes people believe in your wisdom, and they follow.

Because Gods forbid they should have to think for themselves.

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