Get the Audience FIRST and Then 99% of Your “What Do I Sell People” Questions Get Answered For You

Myrtle Reed

“If we all tried to make other people's paths easy, our own feet would have a smooth even place to walk on.” – Myrtle Reed, Born Sep. 27, 1874.

This really is the fastest and easiest way I know to get into business – especially online.

Find or create an audience, and serve them what they are lacking and wanting more of.

Make it easier for them to get what they want. Whatever that may be, and however it is you help them get it. And while you're making the path easier for them, make it shorter, too. And fun.

Why is that easier for you and I? Because you're basically smoothing out your own path, too.

In order to solve their problems as a customer, you should be solving the problems you face in your business. Scaling. Efficiency. Maximization. Etc.

Because those solutions allow you to serve more people, with better stuff.

For me, unifying these goals: serving the customer, and systematizing your business – has made it so much simpler to make plans, and smaller goals, and lists of simple tasks.

Working on your business and in your business aren't two separate tasks with this mindset. They are part of the same process.

Have I made this one easy for you to follow me?

3 thoughts on “Get the Audience FIRST and Then 99% of Your “What Do I Sell People” Questions Get Answered For You”

  1. Always brilliant stuff.

    Here's a question I'm curious about, seems like a lot of throttling going on by the powers that be on the various social platforms…

    Were you starting it all over again, today…. which platform do you think you'd use and why?

    1. I can’t answer fully because I haven’t really looked into any of them. What I recommend in general is to find a combination of a platform you enjoy using, and a platform that has a lot of prospects/colleagues on it to interact with. Basically, if there are already people there discussing your topic, then you can carve out an audience for yourself.

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